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timeflashh said: ill hold u, we'll hold each other /ugly sobbing


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do you enjoy playing cap more in modern times or in the origin story?

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Steve & Bucky enjoying a peaceful morning


Steve & Bucky enjoying a peaceful morning

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something that’ll never happen but makes me happy to think about anyways


something that’ll never happen but makes me happy to think about anyways

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by Wesley Burt

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what have you unleashed


what have you unleashed

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waterbottlebottle said:

I FEEL YOUR FEELINGS. I just got back from seeing the movie.

OOOH JOIN ME WITH SCRAWNY STEVE FEELINGS. I’m such a sucker for the kind of relationship he and Bucky had back then, I’m surprised at myself for not dwelling on it sooner. I really need to rewatch the first one so I can figure out what I missed. 

Did you like the new movie? I’ve been wanting to reblog stuff but wasn’t sure if you’d seen it yet, so I didn’t want to accidentally spoil anything!

Me tooooo. I just love everything about small Steve and his friendship with Bucky is PERFECT. I love how they updated that in the MCU. I love comic Bucky, but the whole sidekick thing doesn’t give me as many feelings haha.

I did like it! I think it was paced a little strangely and there was too much crammed into the film (I’m hugely critical of movies don’t mind me), but I enjoyed it a lot. Plus Bucky feelings. Plus Black Widow. Plus the Falcon. You don’t have to worry about spoiling things for me! Reblog to your heart’s content! It’d be my own fault for poking my nose into tumblr with such a big movie being out.

Gosh yes I agree, small Steve was and is my hero and I could go on and on about how much I love the MCU version of his and Bucky’s history (but I’m not very eloquent so I’ll stick to drawing out my feelings hahaha). 

No worries, those are valid points. And yes, I loved that other characters got some screentime in this one!! Natasha was wonderful as always and Falcon was wonderful and oh man the design of his folding wings were AWESOME. Great stuff all around. And alright haha, will do!